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To: Members of UK Spill Association
25 July 2017

The Board has decided to increase membership fees for the 2017-18 membership year for the first time in 5 years. Details will be included in your invitation to renew letter in August.

The invitation to tender generated 2 submissions for the role of Manager for the Scheme. The Board has made the decision, based on a successful trial period, to extend the contract with the new Assessor, Alan Furlong, who had responded to the tender, and he will also be more involved with management and administration of the Scheme. The appointment of permanent manager for the Scheme will be reviewed at the end of the year.


The Call for Papers for the Interspill Conference will now close on 30 September 2017, the Call includes abstracts for the Technical Conference, Posters and also for the Industry Seminar. Submit to

As in 2016, the association will be represented at the 2017 Contamination Expo being held at Excel in London over 27-28 September 2017. The association will have stand, and members are invited to help man this over the 2 days. Contact

* Upgrade of infrastructure for SpillOnline

You may have noticed a few niggles with the SpillOnline website over recent weeks. 

This has been a result of migration of the site to a new upgraded server solution, providing much improved data security and back-up systems as well as an improvement for visitors accessing the sites.
While the migration process has been underway, we have been updating its core to be compatible with todays standards, ensuring long term fidelity and stability. This has also resulted in the occasional period of downtime while we deploy the updated code, for which we apologise.

Things should be back to normal now, but do continue to contact if any issues arise.

Roger Mabbott, Executive Director, UK Spill Association
T 0333 444 1890 M 07793 649643 E W

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Invitation to Tender to provide services as Scheme Manager and/or Independent Assessor

The UK Spill Contractors Accreditation Scheme operates independently of the UK Spill Association, and with the support of the Environmental Agencies, the EA, SEPA NIEA and NRW, together with the Marine Regulator, the MCA, (together referred to as the Agencies). The Scheme is supervised by a Steering Group, chaired by an Agency representative, and is composed of the Agencies and Contractor representatives, the latter typically Responder members of the UK Spill Association Board and this group meets annually. The details of the Scheme can be found via either the UKSpill website or

The Scheme operates on a basis of an online assessment format for 8 Modules combined with periodic onsite inspection of company bases. This online aspect provides transparency and greater access for the Agencies. The On Line Assessment enables the Manager/Assessor to establish competence, which is then verified by site visits for the companies. The operation of the Scheme is based on administration of the new applicants and existing Accredited companies, inspection of sites and spill activities. These are the principal activities for the Manager / Independent Assessor.

The Scheme has approximately 50 accredited companies, and has a target of inspection of each company every 3 years. This means 15-30 new and existing Accredited companies are assessed annually, taking place across the UK, and covering both inland and marine disciplines. It is usual that each visit will take a working day, and involve onsite inspection of documentation, facilities, records and personnel, followed up by reporting onto the web based resource to confirm accreditation of companies, and to provide information for the Agencies on standards. The potential to increase inspections from 3 yearly to bi –annual or better is being considered, and is dependent on a review of charging, to determine the ability to raise fees to provide for an increased frequency.

The Scheme is operated at arms length by the UK Spill Association, and is funded by annual fees paid by Accredited companies. The financial management of the Scheme is the responsibility of the Executive Director of the Association.

The Scheme Manager / Assessor will need to demonstrate experience in spill response in each of the disciplines (Modules), possess qualifications recognized by the industry, as well as administrative and auditing ability to carry out management and or assessments. The role involves inspection, reporting and monitoring standards, as well as liaison with the Agencies. Applications for accreditation, or re accreditation are made on line, via the Spillonline website ( ), which forms the basis for scheduling activity over each year.

The Scheme requires that the Manager / Assessor will need to demonstrate full independence from the companies which are to be accredited. Spill Responders will be excluded from participating in this tender process, as will Manufacturers of Spill Response equipment and Consultants who are active as spill responders.

The Scheme Manager / Assessor would be responsible for the continuous development of the scheme, incorporating any new requirements for responder members to comply with for example new National standards, new methods of clean up, and additional accreditation modules. The Scheme Manager / Assessor would be responsible for development of the on line assessment web based tool to ensure transparency for the Scheme.

The Scheme Manager will report to the Executive Director of the Association for day to day management of the Scheme, financial reporting, forecasting and cost center budgeting. The Scheme Manager will also report annually to the Accreditation Scheme Steering Group.
Invitation to Tender
The UK Spill Association invites competent individuals to submit a bid to provide services as Manager and Independent Assessor. Initial interest should be confirmed by email to

The contract for a Scheme Manager/Assessor will be with the UK Spill Association Ltd and will commence on 1st August 2017 for an initial period of 1 year, and is renewable for further periods of 1 year. Bidders are advised that the contract is initially part time, and that the work may be split between individuals/organizations.

Interested, independent, and suitably qualified individuals or organizations are invited to submit a tender to perform all or part of the accreditation contract by 30th June 2017. Tenders will be reviewed by the Board of the Association, and those bids that qualify will be submitted to the Agencies for approval. It is expected that an announcement will be made in July 2017.

Tenders should be addressed to the Executive Director at the UK Spill Association, by email to or by mail to the UK Spill Association, 5 Ludshott Manor, Woolmer Lane, Bramshott, Hampshire, GU30 7RD.

This Invitation to Tender will be widely promoted on the UKSpill websites, and circulated to all UKSpill members, accredited companies, and others.




Bidders are requested to set out their qualifications in spill response supporting their bid.

Bidders are requested to list prior experience in each discipline, Freshwater, On land/Groundwater, Contaminated Soils, Chemicals and Marine.

Bidders are requested to indicate previous qualification and experience in accreditation or quality standards work.

Bidders are required to confirm that they are independent of any of the excluded types of organization, and no conflict of interest exists between any other work they may carry out and that of Independent Assessor for the Scheme.

Bidders are invited to confirm a contract price to provide all or part of the following services, and including an allowance for administration meetings, liaison and coordination with the Scheme Steering Group. The Assessor will be required to attend the annual Steering Group meeting, up to 3 regional meetings with contractors, and 4 meetings with the Executive Director/Manager annually

Administration of the Scheme including response to enquiries, maintaining the database, handling contacts, supervising invoicing and issue of certificates.

Reasonable travel and subsistence will be paid separately in arrears, on submission of receipts.

The bidder will enter a contract with the UK Spill Association Ltd., and undertakes to carry out work as directed by the Executive Director of the Association for an initial period of 1 year, which contract may be renewed for further periods. The contract can be terminated by 3 months notice by either side, or immediately in the event of failure to comply with the terms of the contract, subject to reasonable attempts to remedy the situation.
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Draft Minutes of the 2017, 13th ANNUAL MEMBERS MEETING of the UK Spill Association

30 March 2017

The 13th Annual General Meeting of the UK Spill Association was held at Watermen’s Hall, London, on Tuesday 7th March 2017.

1. The meeting opened at 1800hrs. The outgoing chairman, Stewart Ower formally opened the meeting on behalf of co chair R Proctor, and welcomed 15 member companies. The chairman thanked the members for voting for the changes that the Extraordinary vote had introduced in 2016,. He thanked the Board and the Director for their work in support of the changes to the Association that are now underway with the formation of the newco, UK Spill Association Ltd..
2. Apologies were received from new co chair R Proctor. Approval of the minutes of the last meeting was proposed by S Ower and seconded by H Neatherway, and approved by the members.
3. The Chairman then put the resolutions to the members. The resolutions to approve the 3 new Directors, D O’Driscoll, A Garside, and M Orr, the appointment of current and new directors to the Board of the newco, UK Spill Association Ltd., were proposed by R A James and seconded by M Orr. The resolution to extend the Executive Directors Contract to September 2017 was proposed by A Crawford and seconded by P Rayner. All 3 resolutions were approved by the membership. The Accounts for 2015-16 will be circulated with the Minutes.
6. The Executive Director reported on the Association’s activities in 2016-17. Membership is stable, and in 2017, UKSpill will again take a stand at Seawork in June, supported by 5 companies, and also it is planned to build on the success of the Spill Science Seminar, held in October 2016, which was hosted by OSRL. The changes in company structure will complete in 2017, and the first meeting of the new Board will take place in April. The Association continues its support of Interspill, with RA James chairing the new interspill Committee and planning is underway for the 2018 event in London. As part of the changes proposed, it is planned to recruit a manager for the Accreditation Scheme later in 2017.
7. The Chairman then opened the Meeting for discussion by Members – No issues were raised.
8. Any other business – none was raised.
9. Meeting closed at 1820hrs.

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To: Members of UK Spill Association
12 March 2017


The 13TH Annual Members Meeting was held on 7th March 2017, at Watermen’s Hall in London. The 16 Member companies present approved the appointments of the new Directors, the new co Chairmen, and thanked the outgoing Chairman and Directors for their contribution. The Meeting was opened to Members to raise issues after the Executive Director outlined plans for the year ahead.


The winners were – Steve Page, of OHES Environmental who won the £500 prize for Individual of the Year, and RAW Group, for 2nd year in succession, for Responder of the Year.


The Interspill Committee has been meeting regularly to formulate plans for the event next year, see and booking will open shortly on . Exhibition booking has already started and it is planned to launch the Call for Papers in late April, just ahead of IOPC, at Long Beach, California, in May.
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UPDATE - INTERSPILL 2018, the European oil spill conference and exhibition will take place over 13-15 March 2018, at ExCel, London

The Interspill Committee decided to continue with a successful formula, working with our partner Reed Exhibitions. As in 2012, the 2018 event will be co-located with Oceanology International.

This will be the 8th edition of the event, which launched in 2000. In 2015, at Amsterdam, the event attracted over 1,250 delegates, visitors and exhibitors from 75 countries, making it the most successful event in the Interspill series to date.

The first Call for Papers will be issued in April, and will be based on preliminary themes including Surveillance & Modelling, Offshore Exploration & Production Risks, Shipping & Salvage, and Decommissioning.

It is expected that over 60 technical papers will be presented at the Conference, in addition to holding Science and Industry Seminars, Educational courses, and an Exhibition expecting to have over 100 companies and organisations represented. (book at ).

The scope of the event reflects the strength and breadth of the Interspill Committee, which includes the European Spill industry trade organisations, the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA), IPIECA, the global oil and gas industry association for environmental and social issues, Oil Spill Response Ltd., (OSRL), the International Maritime Organization (IMO), the International Oil Pollution Compensation Funds, (IOPC Funds), the International Tanker Owners Pollution Federation, (ITOPF) and France’s Centre of Documentation, Research and Experimentation on Accidental Water Pollution (CEDRE).

Proceedings of the 2015 Conference, Workshops and Seminars have been published on the Interspill Ltd. website

Interspill Ltd., is controlled by the European Spill industry associations, from Norway, NOSCA, from France, SYCOPOL, and from UK, the UK Spill Association, together with IPIECA and Oil Spill Response Ltd..

For further information or to book a stand visit


Roger Mabbott,
Interspill Ltd.
+44 (0)333 4441890

Geraldine Tyas
Marketing Manager
Energy & Marine Group
Reed Exhibitions
+44 (0)20 8910 7162

Interspill Ltd.
The Interspill Conference and Exhibition is now on its 8th edition, and is part of a Triennial series of global Oil Spill events, in conjunction with IOSC in the United States, and Spillcon in Australia.
T: + 0333 444 1890 E: W:

Reed Exhibitions
Reed Exhibitions is the world’s leading events organiser, with over 500 events in over 30 countries. In 2016 Reed brought together over seven million event participants from around the world generating billions of dollars in business. Today Reed events are held throughout the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and Africa and organised by 38 fully staffed offices. Reed Exhibitions serves 43 industry sectors with trade and consumer events. It is part of the RELX Group plc, a world-leading provider of information and analytics for professional and business customer across industries.

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To: Members of UK Spill Association
27 February 2017


The Board has now confirmed the appointment of 3 new Directors for the vacancies that will occur on the new UK Spill Association Ltd Board. The new Directors are Mark Orr of LCM Environmental, Declan O’Driscoll of OSRL, and Andy Garside of Adler and Allan. These appointments will be put forward for approval, according to the Rules, by the Corporate members at the Annual Members meeting on 7th March 2017. The Board also confirmed the approval of the Directors contract to September 2017.



To be held on 7th March 2017 at the Watermen’s Hall,
18 St Mary at Hill, London EC3R 8EF
The Annual Meeting commences at 1800hrs
Drinks Reception at 1830hrs, Dinner at 1900hrs., Awards ceremony at 2100hrs.

Agenda for Annual Members Meeting

1 Chairman opens meeting, apologies, approval of 2016 minutes (see below)
2 Chairman notes result of October 2016 Extraordinary Members vote, new company & Rule changes
3 Members (eligible Corporate) vote to approve a) 3 new Association Directors, D O’Driscoll, M Orr, A Garside b) approve appointment of current Directors, and new Directors to the Board of UK Spill Association Ltd, c) approve renewal of Executive Directors annual contract
4 Executive Director’s Report on future plans, events, and change of company structure
5 Meeting opens for discussion by Members
6 Any other business
7 Meeting closes

28 April 2016

Minutes of the 12th ANNUAL MEMBERS MEETING of the UK Spill Association
The 12th Annual General Meeting of the UK Spill Association was held at Watermen’s Hall, London, on Tuesday 26th April 2016.

1. The meeting opened at 1800hrs. The chairman Stewart Ower formally opened the meeting, and welcomed 17 member companies. The chairman outlined his vision for, and progress with change to the Association for the future.
2. Apologies were received from the Environment Agency. Approval of the minutes of the last meeting was proposed by R A James and seconded by H Neatherway, and approved by the members.
3. The Chairman noted that the the ExtraOrdiinary Meeting held in asked the eligible members to vote to approve the appointment of the new Director P Rayner. The Chairman advised the Members that the motion to extend the period of office for Directors from 2 to 3 years had been agreed by the Board to be deferred until the formation of the new company. The appointments of RA James and K Meikle were also proposed to be extended until October 2016, at which time an Extraordinary meeting of the Association is planned to approve the changes to the structure of the organisation. The Chairman also confirmed that the Executive Directors contract was agreed to continue until October 2016. These proposals to Members were proposed by A Crawford, and seconded by S Connolly. The Members agreed to the proposals. Details of the agenda for the Extraordinary Meeting will be circulated after the next Board meeting in July. (The background to the change and the Annual Accounts for 2014-15 will be circulated with the Minutes). Association, which will be put to the Extraordinary meeting planned for October, together with proposals for a new Board of Directors, for members Approval
7. The Chairman then opened the Meeting for discussion by Members – S Connolly raised the issue of the OSRL loan to Interspill. As Director of Interspill Ltd, RM had repaid the loan as funds received from the 2015 event were twice the loan owing. SC also asked why the previous years results were not included with the Agenda and Minutes, RM advised that a pack will be circulated, with details of the proposed changes to the corporate structure and the financial results for the last year.
8. Any other business – none was raised.
9. Meeting closed at 1840hrs.

2017 ANNUAL AWARDS – winners will be announced at the Annual Dinner

The Annual Members Meeting will be held at 1800hrs on 7th March 2017 at the Watermen’s Hall in London. The Meeting will be followed by the Annual Dinner, and the 2017 Awards ceremony. Book at

Roger Mabbott, Executive Director, UK Spill Association
T 0333 444 1890 M 07793 649643 E W

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Polluting substances

It’s not just hazardous substances that can harm people or the environment. Any substance that’s not found naturally in an environment could cause pollution, and in certain circumstances even natural substances can pollute. For example, pollution can be caused by paper sludge, shampoo, or by dairy products such as milk and cream.

Some substances are directly toxic, eg pesticides, while others affect survival, eg oil that stops oxygen from entering water.

You can reduce the risk of polluting by following this and other specific guidance for:

oil above ground, including petrol, diesel, mineral oil, heating oil or vegetable oil
petrol in underground tanks
silage, slurry and agricultural fuel oil
sheep dip
pesticides, biocides, herbicides and other chemicals
air pollution

You may need an environmental permit if you’re discharging substances to surface water or groundwater, working with waste or operating an installation, eg a metal finishers or a food production site.

If you pollute, you could get an unlimited fine, go to prison for up to 5 years, or both. You may also have to pay for the whole cost of the clean-up.

Contact the Environment Agency pollution incident hotline if polluting materials have entered or could enter a watercourse or soak into the ground, eg from a leak or uncontained spill.

Contact the Environment Agency for more advice on preventing pollution.
General enquiries

National Customer Contact Centre
PO Box 544
S60 1BY


Telephone 03708 506 506
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