Invitation to Tender to provide services as Scheme Manager and/or Independent Assessor

The UK Spill Contractors Accreditation Scheme operates independently of the UK Spill Association, and with the support of the Environmental Agencies, the EA, SEPA NIEA and NRW, together with the Marine Regulator, the MCA, (together referred to as the Agencies). The Scheme is supervised by a Steering Group, chaired by an Agency representative, and is composed of the Agencies and Contractor representatives, the latter typically Responder members of the UK Spill Association Board and this group meets annually. The details of the Scheme can be found via either the UKSpill website or

The Scheme operates on a basis of an online assessment format for 8 Modules combined with periodic onsite inspection of company bases. This online aspect provides transparency and greater access for the Agencies. The On Line Assessment enables the Manager/Assessor to establish competence, which is then verified by site visits for the companies. The operation of the Scheme is based on administration of the new applicants and existing Accredited companies, inspection of sites and spill activities. These are the principal activities for the Manager / Independent Assessor.

The Scheme has approximately 50 accredited companies, and has a target of inspection of each company every 3 years. This means 15-30 new and existing Accredited companies are assessed annually, taking place across the UK, and covering both inland and marine disciplines. It is usual that each visit will take a working day, and involve onsite inspection of documentation, facilities, records and personnel, followed up by reporting onto the web based resource to confirm accreditation of companies, and to provide information for the Agencies on standards. The potential to increase inspections from 3 yearly to bi-annual or better is being considered, and is dependent on a review of charging, to determine the ability to raise fees to provide for an increased frequency.

The Scheme is operated at arms length by the UK Spill Association, and is funded by annual fees paid by Accredited companies. The financial management of the Scheme is the responsibility of the Executive Director of the Association.

The Scheme Manager / Assessor will need to demonstrate experience in spill response in each of the disciplines (Modules), possess qualifications recognized by the industry, as well as administrative and auditing ability to carry out management and or assessments. The role involves inspection, reporting and monitoring standards, as well as liaison with the Agencies. Applications for accreditation, or re accreditation are made on line, via the Spillonline website ( ), which forms the basis for scheduling activity over each year.

The Scheme requires that the Manager / Assessor will need to demonstrate full independence from the companies which are to be accredited. Spill Responders will be excluded from participating in this tender process, as will Manufacturers of Spill Response equipment and Consultants who are active as spill responders.

The Scheme Manager / Assessor would be responsible for the continuous development of the scheme, incorporating any new requirements for responder members to comply with for example new National standards, new methods of clean up, and additional accreditation modules. The Scheme Manager / Assessor would be responsible for development of the on line assessment web based tool to ensure transparency for the Scheme.

The Scheme Manager will report to the Executive Director of the Association for day to day management of the Scheme, financial reporting, forecasting and cost center budgeting. The Scheme Manager will also report annually to the Accreditation Scheme Steering Group.

Invitation to Tender
The UK Spill Association invites competent individuals to submit a bid to provide services as Manager and Independent Assessor. Initial interest should be confirmed by email to [email protected]

The contract for a Scheme Manager/Assessor will be with the UK Spill Association Ltd and will commence on 1st August 2017 for an initial period of 1 year, and is renewable for further periods of 1 year. Bidders are advised that the contract is initially part time, and that the work may be split between individuals/organizations.

Interested, independent, and suitably qualified individuals or organizations are invited to submit a tender to perform all or part of the accreditation contract by 30th June 2017. Tenders will be reviewed by the Board of the Association, and those bids that qualify will be submitted to the Agencies for approval. It is expected that an announcement will be made in July 2017.

Tenders should be addressed to the Executive Director at the UK Spill Association, by email to [email protected] or by mail to the UK Spill Association, 5 Ludshott Manor, Woolmer Lane, Bramshott, Hampshire, GU30 7RD.

This Invitation to Tender will be widely promoted on the UKSpill websites, and circulated to all UKSpill members, accredited companies, and others.




Bidders are requested to set out their qualifications in spill response supporting their bid.

Bidders are requested to list prior experience in each discipline, Freshwater, On land/Groundwater, Contaminated Soils, Chemicals and Marine.

Bidders are requested to indicate previous qualification and experience in accreditation or quality standards work.

Bidders are required to confirm that they are independent of any of the excluded types of organization, and no conflict of interest exists between any other work they may carry out and that of Independent Assessor for the Scheme.

Bidders are invited to confirm a contract price to provide all or part of the following services, and including an allowance for administration meetings, liaison and coordination with the Scheme Steering Group. The Assessor will be required to attend the annual Steering Group meeting, up to 3 regional meetings with contractors, and 4 meetings with the Executive Director/Manager annually

Administration of the Scheme including response to enquiries, maintaining the database, handling contacts, supervising invoicing and issue of certificates.

Reasonable travel and subsistence will be paid separately in arrears, on submission of receipts.

The bidder will enter a contract with the UK Spill Association Ltd., and undertakes to carry out work as directed by the Executive Director of the Association for an initial period of 1 year, which contract may be renewed for further periods. The contract can be terminated by 3 months notice by either side, or immediately in the event of failure to comply with the terms of the contract, subject to reasonable attempts to remedy the situation.

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