"Dear NOSCA friend,
It is our pleasure to invite you to join us for the 24th International Oil Spill Technology Seminar from 14th to 18th October 2019. This year's seminar will take place on the beautiful Frøya island as well as in Trondheim, Norway.
The seminar has become a tradition after 25 years:
The success of the NOSCA seminar is based on the combination of two important points: The conference includes exchange of knowledge and practical demonstrations of oil spill technology. Knowing this, our main concern has always been to invite professionals from around the world to come together, to network, share best practice and engage in open communication.
This years conference will cover the following topics:
- Tomorrow's oil spill response solutions
- Integrated solutions for combating oil spill response
- Oil spill response strategies, scaling response from smaller spill to large spills and back
- Utilizing existing resources in a cost-efficient way
- Standardization in Oil Spill Response across boarders
Seminar schedule:
In the afternoon of Monday october 14th, your arrival day, a bus will bring you from Trondheim city / airport to the island of Frøya, where NOFO (The Norwegian Clean Seas Association for Operating Companies) will carry out their large-scale, one week, exercise “Frohavet”.
Tuesday, October 15th will start with our conference program, followed by a visit of NOFO’s in-field depot, where recourses from several depos are mobilized.
Wednesday, October 16th is the exercise day and you will get the opportunity to observe NOFO`s exercise “Frohavet” onboard from a high speed-passenger vessel.
NOFO will exercise all their barriers in an oil spill scenario where an exploration well has a blow out several nautical miles south of Frøya. The different barriers, with resources, will be expressed with focus on tactical response and correct use of the resources. The intermunicipal OSR teams will be a part of the exercise and will mobilize to respond the several locations to limit land spills and to clean up the “oil” that reachec the shoreline. After the exercise the vessel will bring all delegates back to Trondheim.
Thursday, October 17th will be our second conference day where the rest of the topics on the agenda will be presented and discussed.
On Friday, October 18th, there will be an opportunity to to experience the beautiful and wild nature in the vicinity of Trondheim. Further information on the event and excursions available on Friday will be posted in May. Please sign up for this extraordinary day when registering in for the seminar on The program with more details regarding the exercise will be published here and updated continuously.
The seminar fee of NOK 19 500,- will cover all expenses related to the seminar, including hotel accommodations, all meals and local transport.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. We look forward to seeing you in Norway in October."

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