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UKSpill Approved Training Initiative

UKSpill launched Approved Training, with the support of the UK Environment Agencies, for the approval of spill training courses, in conjunction with and supporting the UKSpill Contractors Accreditation Scheme.

Your company Spill Training courses will receive ‘UKSpill Approved Training’ status subject to the approval of the Training content by the independent and experienced Assessors of the UKSpill Accreditation Scheme.

Training course providers seeking ‘UKSpill Approved Training’ status will submit the course outline, the relevant slides, other supporting materials and the expected learning outcomes from the course. All information will remain confidential.

The Scheme Assessor will review the training course information and content submitted by the course provider against the established learning outcomes and anticipated course content established by UKSpill. They will then make a recommendation as to whether the course should be approved by UK Spill or not. If approved status is not recommended , recommendations for potential changes / improvements to the training course will be provided.

It will cost £500 on application for ‘UKSpill Approved Training’ course review, and the approved status will last for 3 years, after which time the course will need to be re-assessed to ensure changes in regulation or best practice have been accommodated in the course syllabus.