Draft Minutes of the 2019, 15th ANNUAL MEMBERS MEETING of the UK Spill Association

19 March 2019

1. The 15th Annual General Meeting of the UK Spill Association was held at Watermen’s Hall, London, on Tuesday 26th February 2019.

2. The meeting opened at 1810hrs. The co chair M Orr welcomed 20 member companies, a total of 43 members and guests. No apologies. The minutes of the 2018 Annual Members Meeting were approved, proposed by A Crawford, and seconded by A Garside

3. The chairman thanked members for attending, and announced that R Proctor was standing down as co chair. The Board had appointed L Barber as a replacement, and asked Members to approve, all were in favour. The Board had also proposed that the ongoing Board remain at 5 members, after the retirement of A Crawford, and P Rayner. This was approved by the members. The Chairman then extended his thanks on behalf of the members for both the services of R Proctor, and also A Crawford and P Rayner. The Chairman proposed that contract with the Executive Director should be extended to end 2019, which was approved by members.

4. The Accounts for 2018-19 will be circulated with the Minutes.

5. The Executive Director briefly reported on the Association’s activities in 2018-19, looking forward to 2020. The merger of the Accreditation Scheme with ISAA is underway and the new joint entity ISAS has been approved by the MCA. In 2019, UKSpill will again take a stand at Seawork in June, and Contamination Expo in September. In addition, the Association is planning a 2 day Inland Spill Conference at the Fire Service College later in the year..The Chairman then opened the Meeting for discussion by Members – No other issues were raised.
6. Any other business – RM noted that again OAMPS had kindly sponsored the Awards and the drinks reception after the Annual Meeting.
7. Meeting closed at 1840hrs.

RMM 180316

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