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UK Spill Association Rules

(Approved by Extraordinary Members Vote, 17 October 2016)

  1. UK Spill Association Ltd is the legal owner of the trade association known as the UK Spill Association, (UKSpill). UK Spill Association Ltd is a not for profit company, limited by guarantee.
  2. The Board of UK Spill Association Ltd. will be comprised of up to 7 (seven) member representative Non Executive Directors, plus the Executive Director who shall also be a Director. One Director shall be appointed as an Officer, the Chairman of the Association, a second director maybe appointed an Officer, as the Vice Chairman.
  3. The Association is managed and operated on a day to day basis by the Executive Director, who will liaise with a Management Committee comprised of the two Directors who are appointed Officers.
  4. The Board of UK Spill Association will represent the balance of the membership. The Board will meet approximately quarterly. A quorum will be 4 (four) Directors, all decisions will be on a majority vote with the Chairman having a casting vote in the event of a tie.
  5. Members of the Board will be elected by eligible Corporate members of the Association, at an Annual or Extraordinary Members Meeting of the Association. (An eligible Corporate member is defined in rules 7,8, and 9). Other member grades will not be eligible to vote. A Board member must be an eligible Corporate member of the Association and have a fully paid up subscription, or have an approved payment schedule in place. A Corporate member must be nominated and seconded for election to the Board by two other eligible Corporate members. A Board member will serve for up to 3 years. If a member wishes to seek a further period as a Director, then at least 1 year must elapse after standing down before seeking nomination again.
  6. A Chairman and a Vice Chairman will be elected by the Board of the UKSpill Association, and which decision requires approval by the eligible Membership at an Annual or Extraordinary Members Meeting. Both may hold office for a period of 2 years, which may be in addition to the period which they have already served as a Director. The Board may agree to extend the appointment of either the Chairman or the Vice Chairman for further periods, up to a maximum of 1 year, provided approval of the membership is obtained at the Annual Members Meeting. The Vice Chairman will in the absence of the Chairman, chair meetings of the Board and the Association.
  7. Membership Categories - Membership of the Association is available in five categories, i) Corporate, ii) Associate for Non Corporate/ Government Agencies, and Overseas members iii) Individual, iv) Basic (for Accredited companies) and v) Life Membership (an honorary category by approval of the Board and the Annual Members Meeting). Membership of any level is only valid on payment of Annual Fees for the current membership year, beginning on October 1st of each year (excepting Life members), or on payment by an approved payment schedule. If membership fees are unpaid after 4 months from the beginning of the membership year, unless an approved payment schedule is in place, a member shall be removed from the membership list.
  8. Membership Requirements – Corporate Members are required to have a registered office listed at UK Companies House, or a business address within the United Kingdom, to be eligible for membership. Associate, Basic, Individual and Life members need not have a UK address.
  9. Membership rights
    • i) Corporate Membership of UKSpill gives full voting rights and full access to all facilities and benefits offered by UKSpill, and members will pay varying fees set annually according to spill related turnover by the member company. Corporate members will be offered public listing on the association website, and full promotion of the company within any directory and in any other place by UKSpill. Corporate membership does not imply any qualification or accreditation of the company, nor does it provide any accreditation on individuals or their business.
    • ii) Associate Membership offers benefits, reflecting interest by the organisation, company or government agency in the oil spill industry, and a fixed fee is set annually. Associate members can attend all meetings, and will be publicly listed in the web site and directory with an entry to describe the company and a URL link to their website. Associate members do not have voting rights, and it does not imply any qualification or accreditation of the company, nor does it provide any accreditation on individuals or their business.
    • iii) Individual Membership is intended to offer those with a personal interest in the industry, eg those individuals from the industry or other industry sectors wishing to keep up to date with information, or students, an opportunity to join the Association, principally for contact with other Members at meetings. An Individual Member is entitled to attend UKSpill Member meetings and to receive industry news circulated by the Association. Individual members will be listed only by name and contact address. Individual Members do not have voting rights. It is not intended that an Individual member should have an ability to promote themselves or their employer through the Association publications or website, nor does Individual membership imply any qualification or accreditation of the individual or his employer. An Individual Member may have ONLY his name NOT that of his employer or company listed on the website, contact details will be held by UKSpill and any enquiry passed on to the member.
    • iv) Basic Membership of the Association will be offered to companies who comply with, and are Accredited under the UK Spill Contractors Accreditation Scheme. A Basic Member is entitled to attend UKSpill Member meetings and to receive industry news circulated by the Association. Basic Members will be listed only by company name and contact address. Basic Members are NOT entitled to vote.
    • v) Life Membership of the Association will be offered to individuals, who the Board considers have made significant contributions to the Association, and its predecessor. The Board will invite individuals to become Life members at no fee, and such membership will confer full rights and benefits as if the individual was a Corporate member, excluding the right to vote.
  10. Member Meetings/Events - The Association will meet or hold events approximately 3 times a year, including an Annual Meeting, at which elections may be held. At least onev Non Executive and the Association Executive Director will attend each meeting or event.
  11. Rule Changes - The Rules of the Association may be amended by a majority vote at the Annual or at an Extraordinary meeting, provided any change approved by the Board is proposed by and seconded by eligible Corporate members of the Association.
  12. Association Management - The Board will appoint an Executive Director to manage the Association, reporting to the Board of the Association, and to the membership at the Annual Members Meeting. The Executive Director will be engaged on a contract, the terms approved by the Board. The Executive Director, and the Board will work within a set of financial authorities approved by the Board.

24 October 2016 


UK and Ireland Spill Association Ltd
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Southampton, Hampshire SO30 3FG

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Registered office:
Registered in England: No. 10264516.
Registered office: 39 Chapel Road West End, Southampton, Hampshire, England, SO30 3FG
VAT registration no. 352990084

UK and Ireland Spill Association is a member of International Spill Control Organisation (ISCO)