Draft Minutes of the 2017, 13th ANNUAL MEMBERS MEETING of the UK Spill Association

30 March 2017

The 13th Annual General Meeting of the UK Spill Association was held at Watermen’s Hall, London, on Tuesday 7th March 2017.

1. The meeting opened at 1800hrs. The outgoing chairman, Stewart Ower formally opened the meeting on behalf of co chair R Proctor, and welcomed 15 member companies. The chairman thanked the members for voting for the changes that the Extraordinary vote had introduced in 2016,. He thanked the Board and the Director for their work in support of the changes to the Association that are now underway with the formation of the newco, UK Spill Association Ltd..
2. Apologies were received from new co chair R Proctor. Approval of the minutes of the last meeting was proposed by S Ower and seconded by H Neatherway, and approved by the members.
3. The Chairman then put the resolutions to the members. The resolutions to approve the 3 new Directors, D O’Driscoll, A Garside, and M Orr, the appointment of current and new directors to the Board of the newco, UK Spill Association Ltd., were proposed by R A James and seconded by M Orr. The resolution to extend the Executive Directors Contract to September 2017 was proposed by A Crawford and seconded by P Rayner. All 3 resolutions were approved by the membership. The Accounts for 2015-16 will be circulated with the Minutes.
6. The Executive Director reported on the Association’s activities in 2016-17. Membership is stable, and in 2017, UKSpill will again take a stand at Seawork in June, supported by 5 companies, and also it is planned to build on the success of the Spill Science Seminar, held in October 2016, which was hosted by OSRL. The changes in company structure will complete in 2017, and the first meeting of the new Board will take place in April. The Association continues its support of Interspill, with RA James chairing the new interspill Committee and planning is underway for the 2018 event in London. As part of the changes proposed, it is planned to recruit a manager for the Accreditation Scheme later in 2017.
7. The Chairman then opened the Meeting for discussion by Members – No issues were raised.
8. Any other business – none was raised.
9. Meeting closed at 1820hrs.

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