To: Members of the UK Spill Association
23 January 2019

The Annual Members Meeting, Dinner and Awards is open to ALL members and guests, and will be held in London, at the Watermen’s Hall in the City, at 1800hrs on 26 February, price £95 per person. Book now at info@ukspill.org

The Board of UKSpill invites each company to take part in the 2019 Annual Awards.
As in previous years, we are inviting nominations in the following categories –

Individual Responder, Corporate Responder, and Manufacturer/Services.

This year we are also inviting nominations for Innovation in the Spill Industry. The aim of the Awards is to encourage recognition of outstanding work in the oil spill industry, by individuals, and member companies over the last 12 months.

Nominations for the 2019 awards should be submitted to info@ukspill.org by 31 January 2019. An independent jury will decide and the winners will be announced at the 2019 Annual Dinner in London on 26 February 2019.

Plans are being made for a Spill Seminar in 2019 at the Fire Service College, check the website for news, and with launch of ISAS and cooperation with ISCO, a new look and more news.

Roger Mabbott, Executive Director, UK Spill Association
T 0333 444 1890 M 07793 649643 E info@ukspill.org W www.ukspill.org



To be held on Wednesday 26th February 2019 at the Watermen’s Hall, London

The Annual Meeting commences at 1800hrs, Drinks Reception at 1830hrs, followed by the Dinner at 1900hrs

Agenda for Annual Members Meeting

1 Co Chairman Mark Orr opens meeting, apologies, approval of 2018 minutes (see below)
2 Members (eligible Corporate) vote to approve a), appointment of new co chair, Lee Barber of Ambipar, b) approve the Board decision to reduce to 5 members plus the Executive Director, reducing from 7, with options to co opt, and c) approve renewal of Executive Directors contract for 2019
3 Executive Director’s Report on future plans, events, and progress with ISAS
4 Meeting opens for discussion by Members
5 Any other business
6 Meeting closes

Draft Minutes of the 2018, 14th ANNUAL MEMBERS MEETING of the UK Spill Association

16th March 2018

The 14th Annual General Meeting of the UK Spill Association was held at Excel, London Docklands, London, on Wednesday, 14th March 2018.

1. The meeting opened at 1630hrs. The co chair R Proctor welcomed 7 member companies and guests. Apologies were received from M Orr of LCM. The minutes of the 2017 Annual Members Meeting approved, proposed by A Crawford, and seconded by I Peach.
2. The chairman thanked members for voting for the election of a new Director, and announced that L Barber, of Braemar Response had been duly elected with 50% of eligible members voting. The other candidate, N Ashworth of RAW Group, was appointed to the Technical Committee on the recommendation of co chair The Chairman proposed that contract with the Executive Director should be extended to 2019, which was approved by members.
3. The Accounts for 2016-17 will be circulated with the Minutes.
6. The Executive Director reported on the Association’s activities in 2017-18, looking forward to 2019. The changes to company structure reported in 2017 are being implemented. In August 2017, a move was made to merge the Accreditation Scheme with ISAA, which has been agreed by the Board, and an MoU signed, this is expected to complete by the end of 2018. Membership is stable, and in 2018, UKSpill will again take a stand at Seawork in June, supported by 4 companies. Interspill early results show a reduction in exhibition by 30%, but with the same number of companies, and plans will start for 2021 in the summer. An Annual Dinner will be held in the summer, dates to follow, as will an Inland Spill Seminar at the Fire Service College in October.,

7. The Chairman then opened the Meeting for discussion by Members – S Connolly queried the absence of TAP funding for the industry, RM replied, noting that the scale of our groups was below the level considered economic for the government to support. No other issues were raised.
8. Any other business – none was raised.
9. Meeting closed at 1650hrs.

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