UKTI Trade Challenge Partner Initiative

In March 2013 UKTI announced 99 UKTI Trade Challenge Partners. These Partners are drawn from Trade Associations, Accredited Trade Organisations and other membership organisations focused on overseas trade, and represent virtually all sectors and industries of the UK economy. Some headlines about this group of Partners include:

  • the collective membership of the 99 UKTI Trade Challenge Partners is around 70,000
  • on average it is estimated that 40% of these are already doing business internationally, with the potential for a further 20% to do so (that would equal 14,500 more exporters)
  • they reach out into their industry through a range of partnerships, affiliations and federations

Our aims are to work together to:

  • respond to the National Challenge to get more SMEs exporting
  • maximise the extensive industry knowledge of the Partners to support UK trade overseas
  • improve our planning and provide more effective practical support and communications

If you have any questions about the UKTI Trade Challenge Partner initiative then please contact: