What is UKSpill

UKSpill has grown rapidly as an independent organisation since 2004, leading to membership expanding 3 fold to over 100 companies and individuals by 2013.

Members represent all aspects of the UK oil spill response and clean-up industry including not only the leading providers of manufacturing technology, responder services and consultancies, but also smaller companies, academic and research organisations and also individuals concerned with the effects of oil spill.

UKSpill members are renowned for and offer world class standards of Prevention, Preparedness, Response and Restoration of Oil Spills.

UKSpill is a not for profit company owned and driven by its members, it operates with a small board representing all sectors of the industry. It is organised and administered by a full time Director, who works with the Chairman, who is elected for 2 years from the Board but by the Corporate members. All its activities are open and transparent and all members have input to the future direction of the organisation.

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